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Nan inc video project proposal 


Jake David Visuals & Nan Inc. working together to create a series of educational training videos to be used long-term.


The goal for this project is to create high-quality, professional educational content that is effective, easy to watch, and that maintains long-term relevance for however long the equipment is in use.  

Similar example projects

While the videos below were not created for the same purpose as the Nan Inc. training videos, they do demonstrate qualities of skill and professionalism that will ultimately make this project successful, as well. The camerawork and editing style will be adjusted to meet the needs of Nan Inc., but these videos showcase the following necessities:

  • Effective lighting

  • Multiple camera angles

  • Clean audio

  • Clear, future-proof full HD resolution

  • Smooth, stable, and easy to watch camera movement


  • Additional video/audio professional during shooting as needed 

  • 2-3 cameras capturing multiple angles (stabilizer can be used to capture movement and additional angles if needed) 

  • Teleprompter as needed

  • Wireless audio capture with redundancy

  • Drone footage taken by FAA certified operator if needed

Post Production 

By far, this is the most time consuming part of any project, Nan Inc. training videos included. Footage from all angles will be reviewed and compiled into a multi-camera edit, where the best camera angles and shots will be hand-selected at all times. Custom intros, titles, captions, and music and voice over will be included as needed. 

Total Price - $57,790 + Ge Tax

All proposals are created using one final price in order to eliminate unexpected cost increases. This will be the final total for the project as outlined above. Please note, any changes to the project specifications may result in adjustments to the final cost.


57 long format videos will be delivered electronically in full HD format.  

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